University Al-Azhar Indonesia (UAI) attended National Seminar in University of Majalengka (UNMA) and signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the latter mentioned university. The event was carried out in Majalengka Regency, West Java on Thursday, February 17th 2022. During the visit, UAI was represented by the Vice-Rector IV for Innovation and Cooperation, Mr. Dr. Ir. Ade Jamal and Head of Sub Directorate for Fundraising, Directorate of Cooperation, Mr. Nova Andrianto Saputra, S.E.

This event was attended by 5 other universities (Batam International University, University of Pakuan, University of Garut, Garut Institute of Technology, and University of Sebelas April) and followed with 2 Government Agencies (West Java Regional Treasury Office and KPUD Majalengka Regency). After the MoU signing, the audience held a seminar with the theme “Transformation of Private Universities in Responding to the Independent Learning Program – Independent Campus (MBKM)” and closed with the performance of Simbar Kancana Dance Drama.

Both Representatives of UAI and UNMA signed the MoU
Exchanging Placards of Appreciation