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PT Hisense International Indonesia Distributed Education Scholarships to Four Students of Chinese Language and Culture Study Programme of University Al-Azhar Indonesia (UAI) | UPT Kerjasama

Jakarta (04.03.2024) – University of Al-Azhar Indonesia (UAI) through the Mandarin Language Centre (PBM) held a meeting and signing of a Scholarship cooperation agreement with PT Hisense International Indonesia at the UAI PBM Room on Monday, 4 March 2024. The education scholarship is a collaboration program between UAI and PT Hisense International Indonesia which has been distributed to four students of the Chinese Language and Culture Study Programme of UAI for eight semesters. The student recipients were Puan Maharani Vanesha, Nanang Muhammad Masum, Nabila Zhaghahiriyah Al Munawaroh, and Muhammad Ilham Saputra. All four are UAI students class of 2023.

The event was attended by several delegates from PT Hisense International Indonesia: President Director (Mr. Edison Li), HRGA Director (Mr. Sebastian Teguh Saputra), Marketing Director (Mr. Mu Jianwei), Marketing Manager (Ms. Indriani), and Public Relations Manager (Ms. Diandra Dinda). UAI and PBM UAI parties who attended were the Rector (Prof. Dr. Ir. Asep Saefuddin, M.Sc.), Vice Rector I for Academic Affairs (Dr. Drs. Zirmansyah, M.Pd.), Head of the Cooperation Technical Implementation Unit (Dr. Bambang Eko Samiono, S.T., M.M), Dean of the Faculty of Cultural Sciences (Dr. Lusi Lian Piantari, S.S., M.Hum), Director of Chinese Language Centre, Mr. Wang Daxin, and representatives from Chinese Language and Culture Study Programme of UAI.

The event was opened with remarks from Prof. Dr. Ir. Asep Saefuddin, M.Sc., the Rector of UAI about the scholarship collaboration between UAI and PT Hisense International Indonesia. He congratulated all four students who had received scholarships. The Rector delivered a message to the scholarship recipients to always be passionate, earnest in learning, and hopefully get achievements, and make Al-Azhar University Indonesia proud.

President Director of PT Hisense International Indonesia, Edison Li, also delivered a speech that the scholarship program is part of the company’s commitment to advancing the world of education, encouraging innovation and technology research, and developing human resources with superior competence. He hopes that this scholarship will be the beginning of various collaborations between PT Hisense International Indonesia and UAI, and make a significant contribution to the development of young people who will be ready and adaptive to the needs of the industry.

The event was closed with the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between UAI and PT Hisense International Indonesia, followed by a group photo session.